Oslo's Big Day Out

Discover the magic of fairy tales with Oslo, the land’s most endearing and inquisitive cub.

Join him as he takes on one magnificent day filled with adventure and surprises in a lush, whimsical land of fallen story books!

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Oslo's Big Day Out is a 3D puzzle adventure game where players control the intrepid little explorer, Oslo.

The story of Oslo’s begins with a disaster in the library, sending him and many others tumbling out of their books. With the intention to just go straight home, he finds himself unwittingly helping out fellow encumbered fairytale characters unable to resume their stories, building valuable friendships along the way, yet wondering when he will ever find his family.

Aside from Oslo’s few abilities (he’s just a young bear after all), and Iona’s occasional yet magical help, players will have only their wits to overcome any obstacles and explore the fantastic worlds of fairytales on their grand expedition home.